What to expect from wine tasting

What to expect from wine tasting

Are you wanting to learn more about wine but not sure where to start? A wine tasting experience is great for finding out more about the different types of wines and what food they  go well with. They’re also a great day out for you to enjoy with family and friends! If you’ve not been before, we’ve put a quick guide together to explain exactly what to expect from a wine tasting event- 

Try new wines

Wine tasting can be your opportunity to discover your new favourite wine. With a range of wines on offer for you to try, you can easily identify which wines you like best. It provides you with a space to taste wines you wouldn’t normally go for and broadens your palate. However please note, you’ll be sampling a range of wines so be prepared and don’t arrive on an empty stomach! 

Discover wine tasting techniques

Learn how you can truly enjoy and appreciate drinking wine with professional wine tasting tips and techniques. Some of the advice you may be given includes how to-

  • Hold the wine. What is the best way to hold the glass before you taste it? A fun fact that many people don’t know is that you should always hold wine glasses at the stem instead of the bowl so that the wine’s temperature isn’t affected. 
  • Swirl the wine. You’ll discover the best way to pick up the variety of flavours and textures through swirling the glass of wine.
  • Drinking order. Without being an expert, you might have realised there is a recommended order to help you get the most out of your wine tasting. Usually you’ll start with white wines, high acid wines, light-bodied wines before moving onto the red wines such as pinot noir. 
  • Use your senses. Wine isn’t just about taste. Use your sense of smell to pick up the aromas. 

Opportunity to ask questions

On a professional wine tasting tour you usually have a wine connoisseur leading it who has great knowledge of the wines you will be trying, and of wine in general. In the tasting room you’ll discover more about wine in depth- the wine making process, the characteristics of each bottle of wine, correct terms to describe the taste of wine and details about the vineyard where the grapes are grown. Everyone at the tasting will be there to learn about wine and how it is made, so feel free to ask lots of questions.  You’ll take in a lot of information so it may even be beneficial for you to take notes you can look back on to differentiate between the various wines you drink. 

Buy your favourite wines 

Normally following the wine tasting you can purchase your favourite wines before you leave. You can enjoy your wine tasting experience even longer by taking a bottle home. If you want to branch out from the bottles you’ve already tried, ask your wine tasting guide for advice. They’ll be able to use their knowledge and recommend certain wines based on the ones you liked.  You may even be able to join a wine club while you are there that includes bottles from the tasting session being regularly sent straight to your front door. 

Wine tasting at Yorkshire Heart 

Here at Yorkshire Heart we have two cellar door wine tasting options available- 

  • Classic Tasting- Visit our vineyard and try our Latimer wines! With a 50ml glass of red, white and rosé. You’ll also enjoy a selection of 3 tasting dishes of your choice that compliment the wines, all for £11.95 per person.
  • Signature Tasting- This is the full wine tasting experience. You’ll taste a 7 x 50ml glass of Latimer, Winemakers and Eleanor signature collection (subject to availability). Your wine is also accompanied by 3 tasting dishes of your choice, for just £17.95 per person. 

There are no time limits at our cellar door wine tasting, so feel free to stay as long as you like and soak in the beauty of the vineyard.

Wine tasting at home

Don’t worry if you can’t make it out to a wine tasting any time soon. Through the online Yorkshire Heart shop you can purchase our Latimer Wine Taster Pack to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.  With 3 x 250ml bottles of Latimer red, white and rosé, it is the perfect gift for any wine lover. 


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