what are Good Wine-Cheese Pairings

What are Good Wine-Cheese Pairings?

Wine and cheese is the ultimate fusion of tastes when paired correctly! With a wide selection of both cheese and wine it can be confusing as to what works well together and you may be unsure of what is the perfect match. 

A general rule when it comes to wine and cheese pairings is having a strong mature cheese with a bigger, fuller wine. Then in contrast you’d have a lighter, fresher cheese with youthful wines. A similar guide is knowing that sweet wines work well with strong and salty cheese. 

We’ve put together a list of wine and cheese recommendations so that you can easily try these perfect pairings- 

Port and Stilton are a classic combination. Port is full bodied, full of sweetness and with bold characteristics. That is why the sharp and saltiness of a Blue Stilton works well with a port. When it comes to pairings like this, the sweeter the wine, the stinkier the cheese needs to be. 

Cabernet Sauvignon and Cheddar work well together. A cabernet sauvignon is a full bodied wine that is rich in flavours with lower, mouth drying tannins. The dark fruits of this wine go nicely with an aged cheddar due to its nutty flavours that get stronger as the cheese ages. The cheese balances out the bitterness of the dry red wine, creating a smooth pairing. 

Another match is Sauvignon Blanc and Goat Cheese. Sauvignon Blanc is a heavy, dry white wine with pronounced acidity. Whereas goat cheese has a tart, tangy flavour. 

This means that a Sauvignon Blanc works well as it compliments the earthiness with citrus and mineral notes to bring out the nutty, herbal flavours within this type of cheese. The wine’s acidity also cuts through the heaviness of the cheese. 

Pinot Noir and Brie creates a great pairing as they don’t overpower each other. The Pinot Noir has a mixture of flavours that compliment cheeses like brie. The subtle flavours within this soft cheese respect the smooth body of the Pinot Noir with a long lasting finish. 

For a well rounded pairing you need Chardonnay and Camembert. The creaminess of the camembert balances out the acidity in the wine. As Chardonnay has rich, fruity and nutty tastes to it. The butteriness of camembert offers creamy, earthy flavours that aren’t overbearing.

Other cheeses such as Gruyère or Cream cheese offer a great alternative. 

Pinot Grigio and Mozzarella are a fantastic match. The semi soft cheese has an elastic texture with a slightly sour taste and the pinot grigio has a fruitiness about it due to the lime, apple and pear flavours. The acidness of the wine balances out the mild, sweet flavours of Mozzarella.

Merlot and Gruyère is a tasty combination. When paired with Gruyère, Merlot brings nutty flavours to the forefront of the cheese alongside the bold blackberry, earthy notes of the wine. 

Most importantly when doing a wine and cheese tasting is making sure you have enough wine and cheese on hand! You can shop our wine at the online Yorkshire Heart shop. We have a range of red, rosé, white and sparkling wines that can be deliciously paired with cheese. If wine isn’t your thing, don’t worry we also put together a list of beer & food pairings. 


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