Varietal Wine 6 bottle case


Pinot Noir

A light bodied, smooth acidity wine with delicious flavours of red cherry and raspberry producing a long lasting fruit finish


A light fresh wine full of floral and fruit aromas and flavours with a lovely crisp acidity making it a refreshing wine


A rich deep golden dry wine with powerful tastes of sweet spices, lychee, grapefruit on the palate.

Solaris Natural wine.

Fermented with the natural yeast no additives, producing a crisp refreshing white wine with pink grapefruit, lime and melon flavours coming through.

Solaris Orange wine.

A white wine made in a red wine style. The grapes are left to ferment on the skins producing a rich, deep colour and fuller bodied dry wine.

L.F.R. Light Fruity Red.

This a modern blend of Pinot Noir (80%), Gamay and Rondo grapes making a bright, soft wine with low tannings and astringency.


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