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Create your own selection of our Beer range in a range of sizes from 6 to 12 cans.

You can also substitute one of the beers for a Yorkshire Heart Pint Glass for no additional charge.

*note can size and alcohol content will vary based on the individual product.

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Sup Pils & Down Ales

Our brand new pilsner lager. Clean, crisp and refreshing, floral aroma and flavour from the Saaz hops from the Czech Republic make this a perfect beer for the summer ahead.
Volume - 440ml
Alcohol content - 5.2%

Bitter Sweet Symphony

We hope you have the verve for latest beer!

A velvety rich, smooth chocolate and vanilla stout. Lovely sweetness to the first taste, makes way to a dark chocolate finish.
Volume - 440ml
Alcohol content - 6.2%
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Yorkshire Heart Pint Glass

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