How The Beer Brewing Process Works

How The Beer Brewing Process Works

How The Beer Brewing Process Works

You might be a beer lover but not actually know how the brewing process works. In this blog we are talking you through the steps involved to creating your classic pint. 

To begin with, beer needs four ingredients- malted barley, water, hops and yeast. Although beer is always made using the same ingredients, the beer variety and flavour will change by  controlling different variables throughout the brewing process. 

What affects the taste and aromas in beers is the hops and malts used. As well as the temperature that you brew it at. 

The brewing process begins with grains (malted barley) that are harvested and processed through heating, drying and cracking to isolate the enzymes in the malt that are used within the beer. The malt that is used determines the colour of the beer. For example a lightly-roasted malt will produce a pale beer whereas a deeply roasted malt will produce a darker type of beer. 

The next step is mashing. This is where the malt is transferred to a mash tun. Mashing is a process that uses enzymes found in the malt to break down starches and turn them into sugars which will eventually become alcohol.The malt is steeped in hot water for around an hour and after this has finished water is drained from the mash. This liquid is known as wort. 

The wort is moved to a copper where hops are added for bitterness. Then the wort is boiled for another hour and more hops are included to boost the aroma. 

When the wort has cooled down it is then put into a fermentation tank so yeast can be added to it. The fermentation process varies between the styles of beer.  Ale yeast is known for rising to the top of the wort whilst lager yeast usually collects in the bottom. The yeast converts sugars to create alcohol and carbon dioxide. At this point you can add more hops and flavouring to create the right beer you want. The length of the fermentation process is different for each beer but maintaining the correct temperatures throughout the part of the process is important for every beer so that you create a high quality beer. 

Once the fermentation process is completed, you have alcoholic beer! The beer can be put into a cask, keg, bottle or can depending on the style of beer for conditioning. 

You can see for yourself how the brewing process works at the Yorkshire Heart monthly brewery tour and tap night. You will be shown around the brewery whilst one of our brewers talks you through the process of making a beer, showing you the ingredients and equipment involved, as well as having the opportunity to taste our beers yourself! 

At the brewery you will try 3 x half pints of different beers, draft and bottle before heading to our Winehouse cafe to try 3 more half pints from our range of beers alongside a delicious Yorkshire tapas supper. 

Don’t worry if you find you want more of a certain beer, our bar will be open throughout the night if you want a top up. 

We can’t wait to welcome you to our brewery! 


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