Camping vs Glamping

Camping vs Glamping – What’s the difference?

So you have made the decision to leave your creature comforts and explore the great outdoors but what is your ideal type of camping? Traditional camping in a tent or enjoying a luxury glamping experience.

Many sites offer both so let’s take a deep dive into the debate of camping vs glamping…


Defined as “Living in a tent, etc. on holiday” – Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries.

With this standard option, you can get fully immersed in the camping experience. Camping is perfect if you’re going on a road trip and visiting different places as you can easily pack up and go. 

Inevitably, camping is a lot cheaper compared to glamping as you are providing everything for yourself, from the tent or caravan to the sleep bags and camp stove. With camping you are simply just paying for a place to pitch up. This makes it great if you are wanting to go on a quick holiday or you‘re on a budget. 

The Great British weather can be unpredictable so you do need to prepare for all eventualities when camping as you will often be exposed to all of the elements, including rain and strong winds so make sure you have a sturdy tent. 

If you are ready to invest in all of the correct camping gear and will get a lot of use out of the equipment when you go camping again, then go for it! 

At Yorkshire Heart you can stay at our campsite in York that is located right near our beautiful vineyard. Available to couples and families, we have 10 pitches on offer throughout our camping season that runs from April to September. If you are wanting to travel to surrounding areas but want a reasonably priced place to stay, Yorkshire Heart camping is the ideal option. With the option for tents, caravans, campers and motorhomes our campsite is £15 per pitch and there is a 2 nights minimum stay. 


A type of camping, using tents and other kinds of accommodation, facilities, etc. that are more comfortable and expensive than those usually used for camping-Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries. 

A camping trip isn’t for everyone but glamping makes for a good compromise. It’s still a camping holiday but with a touch of luxury and comfort included too. From cabins, treehouses, yurts or luxury tents there is something for everyone’s suitability. 

The beauty of glamping is that your accommodation is already set up for you. There is no need to struggle putting up a tent and you can immediately start enjoying your get away. 

Another perk of glamping is that it makes camping trips more accessible. Although glamping may be a bit pricier than camping, if you haven’t already got the camping equipment you need, it is still going to be a costly trip. 

Why not glamp near our vines at Yorkshire Heart. For posh camping, you can stay in one of our 4 metre bell tents that can have a selection of double and single air beds depending on your preferenc. Our friendly team will be onsite during changeover days from 9am-4pm and obviously be on call 24/7. Included in your roomy bell tent is full bedding to suit your party, bedside battery lamps, doormats and rugs and numbered hanging shepherds crook (outside tent) with battery lights. 


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