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Best Beers for Warm Weather Drinking

With summer in full swing and the long hot days looking like they are here to stay, now is the time to find the best beers for warm weather drinking. Compared to the winter months when you’re enjoying a hearty stout or a full lager at Oktoberfest, in summer many people prefer light and refreshing beers to drink. 

Pale Ales/Session IPAs 

Pale ales fill the gap between lighter lagers and darker stouts. Brewed by roasting lighter malts, they are distinctive with their pale amber colour. They have a balanced ratio of malt to hops to offer a sweet finish. 

Whereas Session IPAs are known for being a rich, bitter beer. However they can alsohave sweet notes included. Many IPA beers offer a combination of sweet and fruity flavours mixed with hoppy bitterness which is popular with beer drinkers. This is achieved by being more malty than other pale ales and having a stronger flavour. 

Our recommendation from Yorkshire Heart would be our Pedal Pusher Pale Ale. Inspired by our local Yorkshire cyclists, this pale ale has a 5% alcohol content with zesty spicy flavours. 

For a lower alcohol content, we brew our Quaffer Pale Ale which is a lighter 3.6%. It is brewed with Slovenian Celeia hops to create a smooth, easy drinking pale ale with a citrus finish to top it off. 

Another popular option is our best selling SilverHeart IPA. Packed with spice, lemon and citrus flavours, it has 4.0% alcohol content. 


Blonde beers are a simple, light body drink that has low hoppiness, low malt flavours, low yeast notes and low in alcohol content. This makes it ideal for easy drinking on a hot day to quench your thirst.

At Yorkshire Heart we brew a Blonde beer which is perfect for the summer season. With a 3.9% alcohol content it has a blonde colour and is complemented with hoppy citrus flavours. 


As well as being bright, sparkling and crisp, a pilsner is a light coloured lager which maintains its bright colour whilst going through the “lagering” process. This is because it is brewed with light malts to make it not overly hoppy.


A fruity beer is ideal for a hot summer day with its light, crisp characteristics. They are easy to go down due to how sweet and refreshing they are. 

Why not try our Rhu Bar Beer? It is great for summer sipping! With a 3.7% alcohol content, it is packed full of deliciously fruity rhubarb flavours and is dark in colour. 

Our favourite 1K Citra IPA is also bursting with fruity goodness. Originally brewed in the 2020 lockdown this beer is a citra hopped 5% IPA and oozes the essence of summer. It punches an incredible flavour and aroma with a mix of grapefruit, passion fruit and citrus fruits. 


At Yorkshire Heart we know summer wouldn’t be complete without beer in a box- a must have for any adventures, festivals or bbq’s! 

Last year we introduced the T’Otherside Special-Beer in a Box. With a nod to the other side of the world, where the hops that go into this beer are sourced from, this 4.5% pale ale is full of citrus notes. 

All of our beers that have been mentioned, as well as other firm favourites such as the Hearty Bitter and Ghost Porter are available in a box of either 5, 10 or 20 litres. Shop our online store today


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